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A question about fibroid tumors

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


I received the following question regarding fibroid tumors, and I thought I’d share the information with my readers. My response follows the message below.


I found out 1.5 years ago that I have several fibroid tumors and cysts on my right ovary. My doctor suggested surgery for both. I have tried several alternative options with little results. I eat nutrient dense foods but do not take any supplements except cod liver oil. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I can think of four suggestions for you.

1. Read up about estrogen dominance (in earlier FAQs) and in Dr. Tom Cowan’s “Fourfold Path To Healing.” Do what you can to decrease your exposure to estrogenic stuff.

2. Check out Carla Dionne’s website,

3. Try homeopathy. You’ll need a very experienced homeopath.

4. Try acupuncture and chinese herbs. Again, you’ll need a practitioner whom you connect with and trust.

Meanwhile, continue with your nutrient dense diet, and avoid sugar, soy, white flour, and unsaturated oils and trans fats.

Very best,

Katie Singer