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"The Garden of Fertility" in Spanish

Monday, August 10th, 2009

A question (and my response) about obtaining my books in Spanish.


First of all, i want to say that i love your book. i am still not doing the best at charting, but at least i know which days i can and cannot get pregnant, so it has helped me a ton! i just have to get into a routine of charting everything, which i just need to stop being lazy. anyway, the real reason i am writing is because i have a friend that is from mexico and has 1 kid, and wanting to get pregnant with her 2nd, but is having problems. i of course told her about your book, but she doesn’t speak english. i have been talking to her about it and explaining things but i was wondering if you have your book translated into spanish? i can translate for her, it would just take awhile, but at least i am working with her on the main areas, anyways, i just wondered because i know there are a lot of hispanics it would benefit. i think the more people that have the opportunity to learn this information, the better! thanks again for an awesome book.


Thanks for your email. I’m always glad to hear about another woman
connecting with her menstrual cycle.

The book has not been translated. I do have a fertility IQ test on this
website in Spanish.

If you decide to translate my material for your friend, you might have an easier time with Honoring Our Cycles. This book is much simpler. You should be able to order it online.