A question about veganism and cycles

My answer is below. Enjoy!

I've been reading The Garden of Fertility since I have been suffering from
6 week to 2 month long bleeding cycles over the last 6 months with
temperatures in the 97's. I'm 22, vegan, and have been off the pill since
December. So far I have learned a ton from the book, and am going to start
the steps suggested (blocking out light from my bedroom, eliminating soy
and plastics, etc). I am seeing a Naturopath and am scheduled to receive a
hormone panel and an ultrasound of my uterus to look for fibroids. For
ethical reasons, I am not willing to give up my vegan diet. Can you
suggest any other resources for veganism and reproductive health?

I do take vitamin supplements (iron, vitamin b, a multi, and I am
beginning to introduce calcium and vitamin d) and feel great besides my prolonged

Obviously, there is so much going in my life/environment/diet/cycle that I
can't summarize it into this e-mail, but I would definitely appreciate any
more information about veganism that could help me.

Here's what I understand: the human body cannot manufacture hormones
without vitamins A and D. Both of these vitamins are only available from
animal sources. Beta Carotene requires the body to convert it into vitamin
A and compromised bodies have trouble making that conversion. If you want
sufficient vitamin D from sunlight, I have read that you need to be naked
at noon and at a latitude that gets a lot of sun.

I am also recommending now that women experiment with eliminating or
drastically decreasing their use of wireless devices to encourage better

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