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My answer follows the question below:

I hail from India and came across the book 'Taking Charge of your
Fertility' when my Husband and I were in the US on an assignment.We were
newly married and I was so impressed with the fact that so much of
information is available , that I started researching more on these topics
and came across your webpage
http://www.gardenoffertility.com/.Thewebsites/books were very useful
for us when we planned to start a family and
I am pregnant and in my Third Trimester now.

   We are back in India now and I have noticed one strange thing here.I can
say that the information I gleaned in the US has opened my eyes and I have
ben able to realize how unaware couples are.They get married,plan to have a
child 2 years later and try for a few months. If they don't succeed,they
straight away get dejected and assume that they are infertile.Not to mention
the help other people in the family/friends circle give to improve on their
dejection by saying that its too late to start a family etc!!!

  In India,infertility has almost become a business.In the sense,there are
 innumerable organizations and small scale hospitals where childless couples
go and pay huge sums of money to try out IUI,IVF methods etc.In the end when
they don't succeed,it ends up in divorce,family problems etc.(Of course the
good ones are there too for people who really need treatment)

  One major need in India is counseling. Couples, especially the woman needs
to be aware of her own body.I have noticed many of my friends not believing
in themselves but believing in doctors who do not take a case history or
suggest natural ways of conception to the couple first before trying out
other methods to conceive.The doctors take advantage of the state of mind of
the couple and charge them left and right which they innocently pay and
complicate their lives when a normal knowledge of their own bodies would
have helped them conceive.

  I have been wondering for quite sometime,on the need for counseling and
spreading awareness in India and on the need for women to understand their
own body.Talking about all this is Taboo in India and this is another
disadvantage when I try to start a conversation on awareness with a
childless couple.It would be great if you can help me on this in any way.Any
websites,books which you can suggest would be helpful.I want to equip myself
with as much information as is possible before starting something.
Also if there are any online courses I can take on this,please let me know.

  Hope I haven't bored you with a lengthy email ;-) Do respond to me when
you are free.Thank You.

Thank you for your observations and insights about what's going on in India.
I think your description would fit many places in the world, including the 
United States. The first necessary step is helping women learn how much 
information their menstrual cycles give about their over-all health and their 
reproductive health. I like to say that I advocate for the menstrual cycle. I
want to see healthy menstrual cycles, and this requires that every woman have 
the support she needs to eat well and exercise and rest often.  It means that 
women aren't exposed to pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or microwave radiation from 
cell phones, Wi-Fi and antennas. This all sounds pretty, but living this way on 
planet earth in 2010 may actually be impossible.
  Let me recommend my books to you: The Garden of Fertility and Honoring Our Cycles.  
Both of them have information (that Toni's books do not include) about night-lighting
techniques, traditional remedies for strengthening the menstrual cycle, Fertility 
Awareness while breastfeeding and how your chart can serve as an introductory gauge 
of your gynecological health. Honoring Our Cycles is written in simple English. The 
Garden is much longer. I think you would get a lot from both of those books. I can also 
recommend that you buy my study guide for people who want to teach fertility awareness.
 Last, a group of African women asked me to describe how the menstrual cycle is affected 
by female genital mutilation. The drawings and glossary might be very people to women in 
India. You can see them:
If you'd like a copy of the booklet, I could send it to you for $35 U.S. I could receive 
the payment to orders@gardenoffertility.com. You would then have to e-mail your address 
to me at katie@katiesinger.com. The Garden of Fertility and Honoring Our Cycles should be
available online.
Very best of luck to you,
Katie Singer


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