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Hi Katie,

I just had a beautiful baby girl last November (named Katie actually). I have your book, “The Garden of Fertility” that I used to
chart my temperatures before I conceived her.

I just have a question for you. I’m trying to figure out what my body is up to. After Katie was born my cycles returned rather quickly. I nursed her every two hours for several months. Now she nurses about every three hours, nurses once or twice at night and is eating solids regularly each day. She’s now 10 1/2 months old. The thing is I haven’t had a period in about two months. I love nutrition and try to eat the Weston A. Price way (as much as I can afford or handle). I also sleep in complete darkness each night. Here’s the part I can’t figure out. I’ve had a LOT of mucus for weeks. It’s there just about every time I use the bathroom. We’ve taken two pregnancy tests and they were both negative. What do you think could be causing all that

Thanks for your help! :)


While a woman transitions back to regular cycling, it’s a very confusing time. The confused signals can go on for a long time. Mucus is a sign that your body is emitting estrogen, and that tells us that your body is trying to ovulate.

You might try sleeping exposed to light for two to three nights, then returning to darkness for two weeks. Continue with darkness for two more weeks, then two to three days of light, then two more weeks of darkness.

You might also try taking high quality cod liver oil with butter everyday and eliminating soy, sugar, and caffeine.

Best of luck,

Katie Singer

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