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Dear Katie,

I am finally writing to you, nearly a year after first reading your wonderful book (the Garden of Fertility). I had been on the pill for about 6 years before having my son (I was one of those weird people who conceives 2 weeks after being off the pill), but during the pregnancy and the process of planning the birth I discovered a more natural way of doing things and felt very opposed to the idea of going back on the pill. Of course, I was also breastfeeding and planning to do so for a while, so
I knew I couldn’t take any type of hormonal medication. My midwife (we planned a home birth) recommended your book to me; I got it when my son was about a month old and never looked back. I have been working with Ilene Richman on occasion over the past 10 months or so now. She is the one who recommended I contact you to tell you how much you have inspired and influenced me.

Not only has fertility awareness changed my daily life (I have been charting regularly since November of last year), it has also taught me so many wonderful things about my body and its functioning. My son just turned one and I am still breastfeeding him frequently; I have yet to return to ovulation, but am finding it so exciting watching my body gearing up for action! I went on the pill when I was about 19 and was basically on it right up until getting pregnant, so I never really had the experience of observing my cycles in a conscious way. Now I look forward to finally being able to do that.

The biggest impact your book had on me, however, was the section on nutrient-dense foods and the Weston Price Foundation. I became a member early this year, and last November we joined our local NYC “raw milk club.” When I read the section in your
book on the WAPF way of eating, something about it just really clicked for me. I pounced on the information and became totally committed to changing our diets and way of eating. I had been mainly vegetarian for the 9 months preceding my pregnancy, but I had strong cravings for steak right after the birth that I couldn’t deny; when I read more about WAPF my cravings finally made sense. My husband had been a junk-food vegetarian for 16 years (for animal rights reasons), but this year he started eating meat again. We go out of our way to put 95% of our food dollars into the local economy, buying grass-fed meat & poultry, raw milk & dairy, whole wheat sourdough bread, fresh local fruits & veggies, and even local organic dry beans; high-vitamin cod liver oil plays a big role in our lives, and sugar plays NO role at all now! I have seen a dramatic improvement in all of the minor health conditions that I accepted as part of life for years. This is all thanks to YOU! I know many people are resistant to the WAPF gospel — they think grain-based diets and soy are the way to go — and many people have a mortal fear of fats, especially those nasty saturated ones, but I wanted you to know that there are readers out here who are desperately hungry for this information, and we greatly appreciate you sharing it. Of course I have now shared this knowledge with everyone I can in my own life, most importantly my two sisters (one of whom has a young child and is pregnant again), and my mom, as well as my husband’s family who are originally from Mexico. [Unfortunately they gave up lard for corn oil when they moved here some 35 years ago, but whenever we go to visit them in Chicago I bring lard along and encourage them to use it!]

I have also made it my mission in life to help other expecting and young moms with finding ways to use nutrient-dense foods to achieve total health for themselves and their little ones. I received my certification as a Health Counselor this year, and
have a small practice here in Brooklyn NY helping women and families with a range of issues, all from a natural, nutrient-dense foods perspective. I recently presented on baby’s first foods at our local La Leche League meeting, and was overwhelmed with inquiries from mothers anxious for information on feeding their babies. I plan to reach out to local pediatricians and OB/GYNs to let them know how my services can help their patients have healthier, better lives. I take local moms to the farmers’ market, I help clients shop for food, I teach to prepare foods properly, and I make it my mission to inspire women to really prioritize their health & well-being. Of course, a discussion of fertility awareness is also a part of my practice. Just as women need some coaching with getting on the right track for FA (and reproductive self-care), they also often need a coach to help with food issues. My practice is truly holistic in that it allows women to address all the reasons why they eat the way they do (emotional, practical, financial, etc.), and helps them learn to observe how foods are affecting their
mood, energy level, and health; I also lead my clients in transitioning gradually to a better way of eating. Learning about nutrient-dense foods from your book has truly impacted my entire life, from my career to my health. [Did I also mention
that our son is absolutely thriving on this diet? He is robust, adorable, and incredibly social and smart.]

Thank you for reading, and THANK YOU for your work! I am more grateful to you than I can say.

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