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A question about estrogen and progesterone

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
In your book you mention that a normal luteal phase is 12-18 days.  
My luteal phases are usually 12-14 days; however my 
follicular phases are extremely long, as high as 65 days.  
Often practitioners prescribe progesterone creams/supplementation 
for estrogen dominance.  Is there a way to shorten my follicular 
phase (and in turn my cycle length), without using progesterone 
cream?  I am hesitant to take a hormone, especially since my 
luteal phase is a normal length.  Thank you!  Your book is 
wonderful!  I learned SO much from it, and reference it 
all the time.

I salute your clear description of your situation and your clear
question. To encourage more balance between estrogen and
progesterone,you can experiment with reducing or eliminating soy, sugar,
white flour, caffeine, food that is grown with pesticides and/or
antibiotics and/or genetic modification. These things contribute to
estrogen dominance.  You can experiment with enjoying high quality cod
liver oil and organic butter, and full fat(whole milk) unsweetened
yogurt and cheese. Bone broths are great if the chicken, lamb or fish
are organic and wild. These things provide vitamins A and D, which are
necessary for hormone production. You can also experiment with the night
lighting techniques that I describe in my book.
  Exercise is important. You want to get circulation going through your
whole body including your uterus every day or every other day.
  While I know of no studies about this, I am also encouraging women to
experiment with decreasing their exposure to microwave radiation. This
means decreasing or eliminating your use of mobile phones or WI-FI. At
least, turn these devices off at night while you sleep. Unplug(don't
just turn off) electrical devices while you sleep.

A question about veganism and cycles

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
My answer is below. Enjoy!

I've been reading The Garden of Fertility since I have been suffering from
6 week to 2 month long bleeding cycles over the last 6 months with
temperatures in the 97's. I'm 22, vegan, and have been off the pill since
December. So far I have learned a ton from the book, and am going to start
the steps suggested (blocking out light from my bedroom, eliminating soy
and plastics, etc). I am seeing a Naturopath and am scheduled to receive a
hormone panel and an ultrasound of my uterus to look for fibroids. For
ethical reasons, I am not willing to give up my vegan diet. Can you
suggest any other resources for veganism and reproductive health?

I do take vitamin supplements (iron, vitamin b, a multi, and I am
beginning to introduce calcium and vitamin d) and feel great besides my prolonged

Obviously, there is so much going in my life/environment/diet/cycle that I
can't summarize it into this e-mail, but I would definitely appreciate any
more information about veganism that could help me.

Here's what I understand: the human body cannot manufacture hormones
without vitamins A and D. Both of these vitamins are only available from
animal sources. Beta Carotene requires the body to convert it into vitamin
A and compromised bodies have trouble making that conversion. If you want
sufficient vitamin D from sunlight, I have read that you need to be naked
at noon and at a latitude that gets a lot of sun.

I am also recommending now that women experiment with eliminating or
drastically decreasing their use of wireless devices to encourage better