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Short Cycles, Diet, and Ovulation

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Hi Katie,   I do my best to eat a Weston A. Price nutrient-rich diet with grass-fed  butter, raw milk and cheese, pasture-raised meats, etc.  My cycle has been  a pretty consistent 23-25 days long for the past year, and my two most  recent cycles have been just 20 days long.  Do you have any ideas what  that might mean?  Or anything I can do/eat to try to get back on track  (closer to 28 days)?  I am going to start charting my cycle and see if that tells me anything.  I’m 30 years old and not planning to have  children anytime soon, but I do care about my reproductive health and hope  to have children in the future.   Thanks for all your good work on these topics!


Katie responds:

You need to chart and learn whether you are ovulating or not. Often, short cycles mean that estrogen dominates progesterone in your reproductive system. You need to decrease things that lead to estrogen dominance. More on this subject is discussed in this blog.

I can’t tell from the diet you describe if you include caffeine, sugar, white flour, or soy, but if you do, be sure to decrease them.  Try adding cod liver oil and the night-lighting technique that I describe in my book.  Best of luck,  Katie Singer

A cervix question

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Hi Katie!

I need a little advice. I have used the NFP method in the past with
great success. I went back on the pill for about a year to keep my
periods regular during a very stressful time in my life (my final year
of college). I am now back to tracking my cycles (also using a condom
for back-up) and off the pill. My question concerns my cervix during
certain times of the month. Now, I don’t monitor my cervix’s firmness
every day, as you suggest, but I do notice that during lovemaking my
cervix is very tender during certain times of my cycle. Does this
tenderness mean my cervix is soft or firm? I have not really tried to
detect a pattern, but I thought maybe the tenderness would work as a
good indicator for where I am in my cycle.

Thanks! I hope this is a good question.


I first need to clarify that the Pill does not regulate menstrual cycles.
Basically, it shuts down many aspects of the cycle. You can see this in
the cervix pictures on my website:


I think you do have a very good question. I’m not aware of cervix
tenderness being a fertility sign. But I think it indicates something.
Is it adjusting to coming off the Pill? Is it giving a message that you
need a pap smear? Honestly, I don’t know.

You might decrease or eliminate soy, sugar, white flour, caffeine, and
animal products that are not organic. You might take high quality cod
liver oil and organic butter and try the night lighting technique that I
describe in my book to strengthen your health. See if this shifts your
cervix tenderness. You might consult with a doctor.

Take Care,

Katie Singer