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Sticky vs. Dry Mucus

Monday, June 8th, 2009

A response to a reader regarding mucus.


As you decrease soy, your mucus might change. You might see some bone dry days after and before your period. Your cycles might get shorter.

If you don’t see significant changes after a couple of cycles, you might consider a few other things: decreasing or eliminating food wrapped in plastic; sugar, honey, maple syrup; animal products from live stock given GMO’s, bGh, antibiotics and pesticides; caffeine; perfume and other scented products. All of these contribute to estrogen dominance, and that can create the kind of mucus pattern you described. You might also try the night-lighting techniques I’ve described.

What’s the difference between dry and sticky? The nose is a moist membrane, and most people know whether the inside of their nose is dry or sticky. That’s about sensation, and it applies to vaginal sensation.