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A question about becoming certified in FA

Monday, September 29th, 2008

A question about becoming certified to teach Fertility Awareness.

My response follows below.

I am starting my long held idea of teaching NFP in my community. I have read about the workbook on your website, and will probably be buying it. When it is complete, and reviewed by another teacher, do I get a certification of some kind? Are there other options for becoming and FA or NFP teacher?

For a couple of reasons I don’t want to go through CCL. I still love the organization, but I want to reach a wider audience, and I am thinking of this as a small business that can bring in a bit of income. If you have any advice, I am all ears (or eyes. . .).


Completing my study guide does not give you certification. This is a missing link in the FA community. Everyone involved is essentially running a one-woman show. The only certification program I know of is run by Justisse ( in Canada. After I studied and did enormous amounts of research, I taught at Women’s Health Services in Santa Fe for many years. The clinic had received numerous grants for educational projects and this allowed me to teach and get paid. The women and couples who took my classes paid a minimal fee. I bet that you can find a similar clinic in your area.

My main concern in teaching this material is that few women have healthy cycles now. Teachers therefore need a big repertoire for responding to health problems that the charts reveal. I certainly recommend becoming well-versed with Marilyn Shannon’s ideas as well as the ones I wrote about in THE GARDEN OF FERTILITY and my workbook, HONORING OUR CYCLES.

Very best to you,

Katie Singer

A question about FA classes/training

Monday, September 29th, 2008


An interesting question about FA classes. My response is below.

Dear Katie,

As you know I’ve been charting for several years, and I’ve also now been
begun using FA as birth control. In practice doing massage and with friends
and family it comes up so often, I find myself educating people a lot about
their options and cycles. It’s something I really enjoy, and that has been
such a benefit to my own health and life. I’ve decided I’d like to start
teaching- and wanted to get contact you for some advice.

I noticed on your site that you recommend Justisse’s course. Even though
it’s somewhat expensive, I’m considering it- what are your thoughts, how
does compare to the study guide offered on your website?

I’ve been asked by the place I work to give a small intro talk on FA next
month- and they are very interested in supporting further courses. Is there
a way we could get a box of your books to have at the center. The last time
I did a talk I had ordered 4 copies off amazon and sold them at cost, which
worked fine, but if there’s a better way to go through you, let me know.

As far as my thoughts about teaching go, I’d like to see the material be
taught to women who are not necessarily concerned with pregnancy or birth
control but who are interested in learning the information for themselves.
I’ve been offered opportunities to get involved with afterschool programs in
the bronx etc. I’ve been thinking about how I’d put together a class on
that. I like to dialogue with you about that to see if you any suggestions
as well.


I’m glad to hear that you’re still charting and still an FA advocate.
That’s great. Let me answer the question about books first. I buy my books
from Penguin at 50% of retail. There are twenty per box. You can open an
account with Penguin by phoning 800-847-5515 or 800-526-0275. I believe
you need to order a minimum of $250 worth of books in order to get a

I also have a newer book, Honoring Our Cycles, which was published by New
Trends. It retails for $12. I recommend that you get a copy and check it
out. If you like, you can order a box of twenty-four copies from New
Trends at 877-707-1776. That cost would be 50% of retail, plus shipping.

My concern about teaching is that most young women have significant
menstrual cycle problems, and a teacher needs to be able to present a wide
variety of options. Her options need to be educational, not therapeutic.
This can be very tricky. Of course, you also need to describe what happens
in a healthy cycle in a way that’s accurate and understandable. I think
it’s crucial that new teachers have support from more experienced
teachers. Unfortunately, there aren’t many experienced teachers and
Justisse is the only actual training program that I know of.

If you are still drawn to teaching, I definitely recommend that you work
my study guide and consider studying through Justisse. I am not teaching
at this time. I am available for occasional consults. I charge $75 per

Best of luck, and thanks for your continued interest in sharing Fertility

Katie Singer