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How do I lengthen my luteal phase?

Monday, November 19th, 2007

To strengthen your luteal phase, try the night lighting techniques that I describe in the GARDEN OF FERTILITY and HONORING OUR CYCLES. I also recommend that you experiment with cutting out sugar, soy, white flour and caffeine. I would experiment
with preparing nutrient-dense food such as I describe in my books. You can read more about healthy diets at

I would also eliminate microwaving any food and attending to other things I describe for decreasing estrogen dominance — you can
read more on my website.


Friday, November 2nd, 2007


I received the following message regarding ovulation. I thought you might enjoy reading it, along with my response.



Dear Ms. Singer,

I have just finished reading your excellent fertility book and am just wondering if you could spare me a moment of your time. I used the Billings method for 3 years along with barriers during my fertile phase and recently in April 2007, I started practicing the sympto thermal method. Therefore I am quite new to using my temperature as a fertility gauge.

I have PCOS so tend to have split peaks as a result. I eat a low carb diet with plenty of vegetables. I also buy as much organic produce as I can. I am writing you because I cannot locate any FAM teachers in my own country. There are organisations that teach NFP and the Bllings method but not FAM.

My last cycle was very confusing to me and I don’t know who else I can ask questions to. I had a very weak ovulation as there were only 4 temps above the coverline. However other practicing FAM’ers seem to think I either did not ovulate this cycle or that I ovulated on CD 24. I think I did ovulate. Obviously I have a progesterone deficiency but I plan to start using progesterone cream for this. As an experienced fertility teacher can you shed light on this?

Thanking you most sincerely!


Given what you describe, I’m wondering if you might experiment with taking high quality cod liver oil and butter everyday. Combined, these provide vitamins A and D. As I explain in the Garden of Fertility and Honoring Our Cycles, vitamins A and D are primarily available through animal fats and they are crucial to reproductive health. I’m wondering if taking cod liver oil with butter might encourage you to ovulate more regularly.

Best of luck,

Katie Singer