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A question about Night Lighting

Monday, February 2nd, 2009


I’ve posted a question about Night Lighting, as well as my response.




I recently got both of your books, and I thank you for the wonderful information. I’m 27 years old and haven’t had a menstrual cycle in 3 ½ years. My cycle stopped as soon as I discontinued birth control pills after taking them for 8 years. I have been charting my temperatures and cervical fluid for about a year now. I do not ovulate or have a change in cervical fluid. I have followed and combination on Weston Price and Body Ecology Diet for 4 years. I am working with a natural medicine doctor to strengthen my thyroid and adrenals. A vaginal ultrasound done about 1 year ago showed nothing abnormal.

My husband and I have begun Lunaception. We have been in complete darkness for 4 nights now. My question is should we sleep with a light on for 3 nights this coming full moon, or should we continue in darkness until I notice a change in my cervical fluid. Your opinion is greatly appreciated, and any other suggestions you might have.


Why don’t you sleep in total darkness until the day before the full moon, and then return to total darkness on February 10th or the 11th, right after the full moon?

These days, I’m also encouraging people to consider eliminating WiFi and drastically reducing cell phone use to see if reducing microwave radiation exposure improves your health.

I would also recommend Tai Chi or yoga or some other kind of gentle movement that supports your circulation.

Do keep with your WAP/Body Ecology diet.

Best of luck,

Katie Singer